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Cosmopolitan Players is delighted to present:


Waiting for Gateaux, by Ed Waugh & Trevor Wood


The health club where you can have your cake and eat it!


Mo-tivators is the worst health and fitness club in the country. Run by Maureen a ‘big-boned’ fifty-something widow from a small hall in the middle of nowhere it only attracts clientele who have nothing better to do.


Jackie comes to get away from her philandering husband and she’s started to bring her young sister Whitney along to keep her out of trouble.  Donald comes because he secretly loves Maureen – he’s lost 12 stone so far – if he doesn’t ask her out soon there’ll be nothing left of him!


Things seem to be on the up when Sophie, a researcher for a reality TV programme, comes to check out the club but when a snowstorm arrives it brings with it revelations which will change their lives forever in this comedy about friendship, frostbite, and French fries.


Auditions will be held on Thursday 27th June 2024.  To register your interest please email




Each character in the show has a similar size part and will be on stage for a significant amount of the show.  Please note that playing ages are to be used for guidance only and cast does not have to be the age listed.  Due to the script, some characters will need to appear appropriately different in age.


Maureen, playing age 50 – 60, is the widowed, overweight, cheery owner of Mo-tivators who enjoys singing about her favourite treats.  Her daughter has moved away with her grandchildren and the club gives meaning to an otherwise lonely life.


Donald, playing age 50 – 60, is a tax inspector and is the only member who’s lost any weight, largely because he’s ‘secretly’ in love with Maureen, whom he went to school with.


Jackie, playing age 30 – 40, is an overweight housewife who comes to Mo-tivators to keep herself busy whilst her greengrocer husband ‘works late’ with his assistant.


Whitney, playing age 16 – 24, is Jackie’s sister and, although not overweight, has been dragged along to keep her out of trouble.  A goth, she prefers to be called Raven, writes poetry and has been ordered to do a car-maintenance course after being found joy-riding.


Sophie, playing age 20’s – 30’s, is a fit TV executive with a flashy car, designer clothes, and a high opinion of herself.


Although some of the characters are listed as being overweight, there is no clear indicator of how overweight they are; similarly, Donald has lost a significant amount of weight but there is no indicator of what his starting weight was.  Although written for a school leaver, Whitney could be a troubled University graduate or drop-out so there is flexibility with age for the part.  Similarly, Sophie could be played outside the character guide.


Throughout the show, most characters will be dressed in gym wear so please ensure you would feel comfortable to perform in this.

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